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BREAKING: Police have shot someone on London Bridge

A lorry is blocking the carriageway


Police have shot and detained a man wielding a knife on London Bridge.

At least one person is understood to have been killed.

Police say “a number of people have been injured.” Some are in critical condition, The Guardian reports.

King’s College London’s accommodation Orchard and Lisle and Iris Brook House has allegedly been put on lock down.

Students have told The Tab King’s that the “doors downstairs are closed. We can’t get out at the moment.”

Pictures show a white lorry blocking both carriageways of the road across the bridge.

Video footage shows members of the public tackling a man on London Bridge. Police then intervene – pulling the people off the man before shooting him.

Emergency services have declared it a major incident. Counter terrorism forces have arrived on the scene.

Borough Market has been cordoned off.

An eye-witness told BBC News: “I was coming home on the 21 bus and all of all a sudden it stopped.

“There was some commotion and I looked out the window and I just saw these three police officers going over to a man. It seemed like there was something in his hand.

“I’m not 100% sure, but then one of the police officers shot him.

“From there, I was able to take a video of the scene.

“We were stopped on the bus maybe for me a minute and a half and then we’re able to safely get off the bridge.

“There was only three police officers at the time. But by the time I got off the bridge, that’s when I started to hearing the sirens.

“I heard about three shots to get the man. Everyone was just kind of into shock.”

Scotland Yard have confirmed they are “dealing” with the incident.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called at 1:58pm to a stabbing at premises near to London Bridge.

“Emergency services attended, including officers from the Met and City of London Police.

“A man has been detained by police. We believe a number of people have been injured. Further info to follow.”

This is a breaking news story. We will update as we learn more.

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