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King’s student and ‘Brexit Party Girl’ says young people vote for Corbyn because of ‘free stuff’

It’s safe to say she’s voting for Boris.

King’s Student and Conservative activist Emily Hewertson has been back in the news this week as part of the Sun’s “Brexmas Election” video series.

In the interview Hewertson said: “It's very easy to jump on the Jeremy Corbyn bandwagon because of social media" and because he “just offers loads of free stuff”.

She also said that people support his “free internet” policy because they “don’t do research into the kind of economic consequences of it”.

Hewerston said: "A lot of people on social media portray Tories as these evil people that just hate the poor and want all the poor to die, it's absolute bollocks to be quite honest with you."

Anti-Conservative ‘discrimination’ has made headlines recently, with the Telegraph publishing an investigation into “The rise of flatshares where Tories are not welcome”.

Weighing in on the topic of Brexit, where she initially found fame, Hewetson said that “Boris is the person who will finally get Brexit done.” allowing us to “get onto other things like schools, police.”

She went on to praise Boris Johnson for bringing a “new kind of vibrancy” predicting “a lot of young people will be turning” to his party.

She also described the current Prime Minister as “fun and relatable – not your average guy in a suit”.

It wasn’t all bad news for Labour though, as she did admit that "Jeremy Corbyn is very good at engaging young people in politics and that is one thing that I like about him.

"Like when he got up at Glastonbury that was quite fun."

In response to her comments, some users were quick to point out that the Conservative party had doubled debt during the last 9 years, with a reported 130,000 ‘preventable’ deaths occurring as a consequence of austerity policies.

Others agreed with Hewertson and were also voting Conservative.

Remember, you have until midnight (26th November) to register to vote in the upcoming election.

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