10 truths of living with postgrads at King’s

Bedtime is at 9pm Sharp

After a monumental accommodation mix-up by King's I ended up becoming a lone undergrad living at a postgrad residence. Whilst it may not be the ideal situation, it does have its perks.

Here's everything you need to know about being the baby of the flat.

1. You feel like a naughty child if you're out of bed 'late'

In undergrad halls a midnight snack normally leads to bumping into a very drunk flatmate. With postgrads you have to sneak around like you're getting home after curfew once the clock strikes 9.30.

2. They're not total hermits

You might spot your flatmate eating a meal at the kitchen table (gasp) rather than their bed. Sleeping normal hours means they won't be joining you in your 2pm naps, and tend to wear actual clothes rather than wandering around in a dressing gown 24/7.

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4 hours after promising you'd only watch one episode

3. Being the baby of the flat turns everyone else into your mum.

When you're ill you'll be offered endless cups of tea, and even when you're feeling better they'll offer to get you groceries and make sure your radiator is working okay.

4. Flat parties are soo last season

Postgrads are far too tired and busy to be getting pissed on a Tuesday. Instead socialising consists of Shrek screenings or cuddling dogs in the courtyard.

5. You'll have real FOMO when they've got no classes on Fridays

Whilst the rest of my flat is having a shopping spree at Bicester village, I'm sat in a genetics lecture praying for a quick death.

6. They actually know how to cook

Gone are the days of watching your flatmates eat nothing but pasta with cheese 6 days in a row. Instead you'll watch and learn as hundreds of perfectly neat dumplings are made from scratch before your very own eyes.

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An idiot's guide to using a rice cooker.

7. It's sober October 24/7

Postgrads are far too grown up to be concocting a dirty pint. If they're feeling wild they might treat themselves to a glass of rose or a nice cold cider once a month.

8. Your eating habits will arouse deep suspicion

Last year I was the health guru of my flat. Meal prepping my own Buddha bowls, knowing how to julienne a carrot – I was basically Gordon Ramsey. Now if I order a pizza once a month, I have to hide the evidence before my flatmates rush me to the hospital and have my arteries scooped out.

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Multiple vegetables, and not a pizza box in sight.

9. They still don't totally have their shit together

No matter how old you get you'll stick stack up bags of rubbish because no-one wants to take the bins out. If the boiler packs in or the shower floods they still shuffle to reception in a dressing gown begging for help.

10. The group chat has a very different vibe

No more drunken selfies in the gc, instead it's offers for a cuppa, or a reminder to tidy up after yourself.

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In conclusion, postgrads make the best flatmates, even if it is a bit like living with your parents.

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