Everything you’ll experience living as a fresher at Stamford Street

Every fresher at Strand envies you

Stamford Street is the best King's halls – fight me. Students were even turned away this year as every room was booked—so if you’re blessed to be living at the best, here’s everything you’ll experience.

1. Waiting until the absolute last second to leave for your 9am lecture at Strand.

You know you live at Stamford Street when you feel your legs pulsing as you dash across Waterloo Bridge. The view is worth it, though.

2. All of your flatmates do a course in the humanities.

There’s the occasional medic, all alone among the history students.

3. Being on campus all the time.

Is it really worth walking back across the bridge just to go home for an hour?

4. Having to touch your card multiple times every time you walk in.

You never wear your ID card because that wouldn’t look cool, but having to dig it out of your bag every time you come home gets pretty old pretty fast.

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5. Cleaning your room is just Hoovering a square.

Maybe cleaning the bathroom too sometimes?

6. South London. Just, South London.

If you don’t already, you’ll be saying “innit” by the end of the year.

7. Spending all your money at Covent Garden.

It’s just so pretty.

8. Your flatmates spending all their time sitting outside smoking.

It’s all about the edgy vibes.

9. The reception team genuinely caring about your wellbeing.

They’re all so wholesome.

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10. When the fire alarm goes off and you suddenly realise you don’t know a single person in your block.

Do they even go to King’s? You’ll probably never find out.

11. Having to resist the temptation to get a Tesco meal deal every night.

Maybe the amount of cookware you bought in September was overly ambitious. You’ll use it eventually, though. Maybe.

12. Light pollution means that your room is bright at all hours.

Helpful for those late nights doing reading that was due a week ago.

13. The lifts breaking every other day.

Your legs will be in excellent shape.

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14. The bathrooms leaving you wondering whether you live in an aeroplane.

Forget a shower curtain, here at Stamford Street we don’t have proper door handles.

15. The utter temptation of living across the street from a Nando’s.

Showed up to most of your lectures this week? You’ve totally earned that half chicken with chips and garlic bread.