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KCL lecturer calls remainer a ‘f*cking traitor’ and pokes him with flagpole

The same lecturer once compared LGBT activists to Nazis


A video has surfaced of a King's lecturer hurling abuse at a remain campaigner and subsequently poking him with a flagpole.

The video can be seen on The King's Tab Instagram story.

The video shows a Brexit rally at Kensington Olympia. As a Remainer carrying a table approaches the group, one of the marchers throws the contents of a water bottle at him. Dr Niall McCrea, a senior lecturer in Mental Health Nursing at King's, can be heard calling the man a "fucking traitor" and "treacherous scum" as he walks past, and pokes a Union Jack flag at his face.

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Another marcher threw the contents of a bottle of water at the man

The man in the video being poked with the flagpole is Femi Oluwole, a prominent Remain campaigner. He told The King's Tab: "It’s unacceptable in this day and age that an apparent lecturer at a university attacks people rather than debating them. Thankfully KCL is looking into the matter."

Many who saw the video expressed outrage on Twitter. One said: "Shouting 'fucking Tory' at a person is rude. I certainly wouldn’t do it. Shouting 'fucking traitor' and poking a sharp object into a person’s face is on another level entirely."

Others called for King's to sack McCrae, with one saying: "The issue in question is this man's abusive and aggressive behaviour and bringing his profession and organisation into disrepute."

Another said: "Well done. His behaviour is inexcusable. He should not be teaching students. Sack him then he can be fascist full time."

One even called for his arrest, saying: "The guy who threw a shake at Farage was arrested, so these nasty men should be too."

King's are aware of the incident and claim to be investigating it "as a priority," according to a statement posted to Twitter.

A spokesperson from the university also said: "While we support freedom of expression and respect the right of individuals to hold different political opinions, King’s does not condone inappropriate or abusive behaviour."

McCrae caused controversy in 2016 when he compared LGBT student activists to Nazis, calling them the "gaystapo."

In an article posted to the website Conservative Woman, he criticised student activists' efforts to remove the portrait of Lord Carey, whose views on gay marriage have attracted accusations of homophobia, from the Strand.

A spokesperson for King's clarified that Carey's removal from the wall was not because of allegations of homophobia, but to make room for "research breakthroughs", "student and staff successes", and "our renowned alumni".

Despite this, McCrae wrote: "Student agitators may be sanctimonious petty Napoleons, but they seem honest in their endeavour. For a prestigious institution of Christian heritage to allow this campaign to claim victory is worrying."

Dr Neil McCree has been approached for comment.