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Nobody panic but the Strand Pret is closing down today!!!

RIP :'(

Super convenient, a perfect pit stop on your walk from Temple station to Strand campus, our beloved Strand Pret is an integral part of our daily lives.

Heralding the title of "Ultimate Pret," the small branch comfortably nestled between scaffolding at 180 Strand quickly won our hearts, and we love it despite its forever ongoing building works.

Thus, you can imagine our horror upon discovering that Strand Pret is indeed closing down, TODAY.

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Your curly italics don't fool me

The travesty was revealed in the form of a poster unassumingly pinned up next to the sandwiches. At first we assumed we would have at least a week's notice, until the words "Tuesday 2nd October" jumped out and slapped us in the face.

Yes, you read that correctly: Strand Pret is closing down today. According to Google maps, the 180 Strand Pret shuts its doors for the final time at 7:30pm, so you have just over two hours to get down there and grab one last latte and scoop up all the remaining sandwiches.

We are yet to uncover the reason behind Strand Pret's mysterious dissolution, but rest assured we are on a mission to find out.

Of course, all is not lost, as you can still get your Avocado or Chipotle Chickpea wrap fix at, Waterloo Bridge, the Royal Courts of Justice, and Kingsway. There is still hope.

Let's be honest though, we know it'll never be the same.