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A step by step guide to making boys jealous through your Instagram story

A method as certified as the bend and snap

An important part of any girl is the talent to make a boy jealous. Before, you might have let some other man light your cigarette, but now you focus your attention on making him look at your Instagram story and wish it was him.

The art of the story to make the boys cray is all about three aspects: placement, filters, and showing that you're not thinking about them and concentrating on something else. Diverting attentions and giving guys a reality check that we aren't waiting for them is a hard lesson to learn, but Instagram always proves a point.

Here is a method as certified as the bend and snap, tried and tested by many a girl and laughed at by everyone involved. But most importantly, it's been 100% proven to make a boy jealous.

Level 1: Film a drink-clink

A simple 2 second video of some drinks clinking, preferably with a male friend (or a gal with the most manly hands) shows you're out, you're not waiting at home for his sorry ass. It is the first step to making the boys jealous. Other people's boyfriends are perfect for this move, so find yourself a friend who is willing to donate her boyf to the gram.

Level 2: A picture with a boy hand

A still shot featuring a boy hand makes others think, who is she with? This is the question we want on all boy's minds. If you're playing hard to get, or you just don't know where you stand with a guy, this shows you have other options for limited restlessness.

Level 3: Showing another guy’s face with a tag

Preferably this picture is taken with one boy and two other people. In a group it isn’t as intimate and therefore you can tag everyone involved, but also shows off that you have more than one boy in your life. If the jealous-boy-to-be is very interested, he'll have a stalk and realise you've upgraded.

I'm dating Satan #nojoke

A post shared by Sunnii Peifer-Stafford (@sunniielleps) on Feb 23, 2017 at 1:59am PST

Level 4: Showing another guy’s face without a tag

What you want to aim for is the mysterious kinda angle, making guys and gals again ask the famous question, who is it? The whole point of this level is to show your viewers that a guy is present through a video: don’t dwell on them – make sure you're panning but still feature them as part of the outing.

Level 5: A boomerang of another guy doing something

This level takes scientific art: the boomerang. Make sure the guy being filmed is smiling or doing an activity (like eating or paying the bill) to show your attentions are focused on this person. It's a more developed version of the drink clink, but you're together.

Level 6: A photo of you two together in a group

Make sure both you and the boy you're using are in the middle of a massive group picture together, highlighting that you are the centre of attention (placement in pictures is everything). It shows that as a couple you're liked by a massive group of people, which is so much better than before when your best friends threatened your ex with a baseball bat.

squad feat. the shard

A post shared by Emily Gulla (@emily_gulla) on Mar 24, 2018 at 8:30am PDT

Level 7: Photo you two together alone

Ideally this would be a night throwback or a nice photo to show closeness for utter jealousy. Your jealous-boy-to-be will look at your gorgeous self and regret anything he did to lose you instantly.

@mjjules your party was crackin xox

A post shared by Sunnii Peifer-Stafford (@sunniielleps) on Jan 6, 2018 at 6:22am PST

Level 8: A picture of you two making breakfast

The ultimate pang of jealous; the morning after vibe. Making breakfast is an intimate activity as it shows you’re in a guy's house which is definitely a closer relationship than the club, and implies that you did the naughty deed the night before. It will make whichever boy you're trying to make jealous think about your bomb pussy and miss it.

Sunday funday brunch #vscolondon #littlemissbrunch

A post shared by Sunnii Peifer-Stafford (@sunniielleps) on Aug 28, 2016 at 8:25am PDT

Level 9: The selfie with a love heart and nickname

As the last level this is the ultimate photo of jealousy; it shows you are off the market and no longer wanting to be chased, but still want to remind the boys you exist. Jealousy is real when your exes reply to these stories like 'I've been thinking about you', but you know you've moved on and can delightfully reply, 'fuck off'. Of course you'll send a screenshot to all your girlfriends, who will also laugh with joy at you moving on. It's the cycle of life sweetie.

Remember: boys are very visual creatures. So if your aim is to make a boy jealous, you better start strategising your insta and FAST.