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King’s is officially the seventh best university in the country

The 2019 rankings are here

The new University rankings for 2019 have just been released, and King's comes in seventh in the UK and 31st in the world.

The table, released by, takes into account academic reputation, Employer reputation, the student faculty, citations per faculty, international faculty and international students.

King's comes through strong in the international rankings, but falls slightly behind when it comes to citations and student faculty, the only two areas where it falls out of the top 100.

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31st is a drop in position since last year, where we were joint 23rd with Edinburgh, but we still score highly on employer reputation and international student numbers.

We're placed above Bristol, LSE and Durham, and UCL have also dropped in the table too (from seventh to 10th in the world, and hold fourth place in the UK).

Sure, there are other tables that aren't quite as flattering (thanks to the Guardian for sticking us in at 58, down from 39 last year) but all in all, the general concensus is that we're still in the UK top ten and the top 50 in the world.