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Students have occupied Senate House to stop outsourcing of uni workers

During their last occupation UoL management called police on peaceful protestors

The 'Justice for University of London Workers' Facebook page has announced that another student-led occupation has taken over Senate House.

This month's occupation is timed before a trustee-board meeting debating whether or not "outsourced workers will become direct employees" at University of London.

Students' primary cause is "fighting for an end to outsourcing, as well as secure-hour contracts, decent sick pay and holidays, and pay raises they were promised years ago."

So far the building has been evacuated and there are fast-spreading rumours Security has been threatening protestors with police presence once more.

Their biggest occupation this year took place during the strikes in March-April, where management locked students into offices, exposed them to health and safety hazards and called police on peaceful protestors. Pictures were taken during this first strike to say "We'll be back", and the occupiers have delivered.

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Photo credit: an occupier

Tom, studying History and Politics, told The Tab King's that "the photo [above] was from the previous occupation of Senate House that happened in March – just before we left occupation we painted that 'We'll be back' banner, just as a reminder that we'd return and continue to disrupt until workers there were given fair, in-house contracts."

Last night, in the 'Justice for University of London Workers' statement, students confirmed that they will "continue to take action until the full demands of outsourced workers at UoL are met", occupying Senate House for as long as possible.

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The only photo from the occupation on any social media

Complaints about the security new tactics at Senate House have already reached Twitter. Bag checks are now in place for students and staff, and there have been some reports of students being banned in case they are trying to join the occupation.

The Tab King's has contacted University of London Justice for Workers for comment.

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