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King’s BNOC 2018 Nominations are now OPEN

Calling all King’s legends

As the end of exam season approaches, summer beckons (well tbh it's Britain so it ain't going to be great but the thought itself is nice) – it's time to reflect on some of the Biggest Names on Campus throughout the year (yes that's what BNOC stands for, just to be clear).

We've had our fair share of drama throughout the year, from the student who first wrote to Principal Byrne personally demanding strike refunds, to literally living in the Maughan for 24 hours – it's been a full on shit show of excitement, and now we want your nominations to name the ultimate King's BNOC 2018

The criteria

To be considered as the King's BNOC 2018, we're looking for a campus celebrity – do you know someone who can't walk five minutes without being greeted by random strangers? Are they literally in Waterfront every night drinking away their sadness (and student loan)? Do we have a fine piece o' ass that needs that university fame? Or maybe you know somebody who did something recognisably stupid or embarrassing?

Whatever it is, we want to hear from you! The best nominations will then be shortlisted for you to vote for your favourite, and the student with the most votes will then be crowned champion.

So do you think you know the King's BNOC 2018 winner? To submit your nomination, click here. Good luck!