LSE have paid thousands of pounds to students over damage caused by mice and mould in halls

Being Cinderella ain’t all that

Hundreds of postgraduate students at LSE have pursued legal action against the university due to severe lack of cleanliness in their halls.

Students living in Sidney Webb House (just opposite Borough Market), a postgraduate only halls of residence, paid up to £9K to live among mold, hundreds of mice, and excessive amount of dust.

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The grim housing, managed by Unite Housing, has been forced to fund each student involved in the complaint up to £500 as compensation. A number of students have fallen ill due to litter and dust allergies that affected their attendance at university and grades.

Their initial complaints were ignored by the LSE housing department but once a crowd-funding petition raised £5,350 and 120 students signed a legal-action letter, the Accommodation officers had legal experts at their offices demanding action.

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Spokesmen told The Times that the building had been renovated in summer 2017, but that the university was "pleased a resolution has been agreed."

LSE has signed a cheque for over £60,000 in compensation in total.

The Sidney Webb Action Group leading the lawsuit told the Times that it was "very pleased" with the outcome.