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A King’s student has been suspended without hearing for his involvement in peaceful protests

Khaled Eissa was involved in the peaceful occupation of the James Clerk Maxwell Building

A King's student has been suspended without hearing following accusations relating to his involvement in the peaceful occupation of the James Clerk Maxwell Building during the UCU strikes.

A communal letter supporting the re-instatement of Khaled Eissa has been published online. The letter, addressed to Chris Mottershead, a Senior Vice President at King's, calls for an immediate end to Eissa's suspension, urging King's "to reinstate him immediately and end any further victimisation and threats of disciplinary procedures".

The Google doc, available to edit publicly, has been created to advance outreach of the letter. It is quickly amassing signatures that at the time of writing, has amounted to 155.

Signatories include the current KCLSU President and V-Ps, as well as lecturers and students from various departments at King's and other universities.

The letter also states that King's "invoked emergency powers", to suspend Eissa, meaning that he has been suspended before receiving an outcome from a misconduct hearing, in accordance with G26 Academic Regulations.

Making reference to accusations against Eissa, the letter states a King's staff member "engaged in an inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour by provoking and pushing the student twice", arguing that the incident has been taken out of context and was "clearly not his [Eissa's] fault".

The suspension of Khaled Eissa comes shortly after a King's students received an email from Principal Ed Byrne, which acknowledged and supported students' entitlement to engage in demonstrations.

When contacted for a comment, a King's spokesperson stated: "We can confirm that an alleged altercation involving unacceptably aggressive behaviour took place last Monday at our Waterloo campus.

"A student has subsequently been suspended pending further investigations."

Khaled Eissa has been contacted for comment.

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