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Meet the King’s student with his own fashion line – just in case you weren’t feeling unaccomplished enough

If London Fashion Week being on Strand wasn’t good enough for you

On our hunt for the best fashion on campus this spring, we stumbled across Fritz Unuetzer, a second year Business Management and Spanish student at King's… with two clothing lines.

We wanted to know the concepts behind his designs, but more importantly how he juggles all of this while still being at uni – especially when the rest of us can barely manage to study for final exams and to do laundry at appropriate intervals.

Probably most impressively, though, is that his goal behind the lines is not to become insta-famous. His focus is solely on the fashion, on making a contribution to the culture that surrounds it.

Toi, is a collaborative project that began in 2016 with business partner Luis Angster, based in Munich. The two call each other every day to coordinate production. They maintain a constant dialogue and exchange of ideas. Toi is all about aesthetically pleasing products with a handcrafted, contemporary twist, hand-made silver jewelry, and t-shirts (that look conveniently good on social media) as evidenced below :

When asked about the idea behind the clothes, Fritz said it's all about what they can make – "With nothing comes nothing. I want to make the best out of what I can. The thing about fashion is that everyone can state anything they want, from this aspect I sense freedom of creativity. I’m all for that."

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"It's not about selling yourself, it's much more to collaborate with diverse artists in the world" said Fritz. "I want to be timeless, it's not about popularity. I don't want to be concerned with being 'up' or 'down': I just want to be there."

Fritz also has a second independent project called UnuetzerStudious, launched at the end of 2017. The brand's production site is based in a factory in Italy, and when he isn't at King's, Fritz works three days a week handcrafting leather goods with 80 other employees. The first project is driven by an environmental concern of the fashion industry. He will recycle high-quality scrap leather, specifically crocodile, manta ray, and python, to make shoes, like these:


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The SNEAKERS 01 line is scheduled to drop this June.

When asked about his plans for the future, Fritz said that he's open to anything, even returning to uni to study architecture.

"I never want to be in the spotlight though, never in one of those crazy institutionalized settings where I'm not just accepted for what I've done, for the products I've created."

Follow his designs at @youaretoi and @unuetzerstudious on Instagram.

"Toi" shirts available online at