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KCL Occupy have announced an end to their occupation at the James Clerk Maxwell Building after nine days

They donated all their extra supplies to a homeless shelter

It has been released that the KCL Occupy students and staff, who took over the fifth floor and lobby in the James Clerk Maxwell Building, have ended their solidarity occupation today.

The occupation originally started on the 14th March, with just over 10 students. On the 19th March, 10 new students joined the original occupation covering the lobby of the JCMB as well as the fifth floor, with management banning the exchange of supplies and pillows between floors.

After nine long days of security battles, meetings with King's management and Principal Ed Byrne, staff and students have won their fight with Ed Byrne revealing in an email today he will commit to "begin a process that could bring Cleaners in-house", and "ensures a commitment to supporting an independent review of the USS valuation and lobbying with the UUK."

The KCL Students Support the UCU Strikes team also wrote their own detailed statement listing their achievements as a result of them persisting in occupying the JCMB.

We are leaving the James Clerk Maxwell Building with our heads held high, but this is not over #SolidarityForever #NoCapitulation

Posted by KCL Students Support the UCU strike on Friday, March 23, 2018

A new committee is being formed to help drive changes further – the Working Group – reviewing and driving the change to bring Cleaners in-house to King's. This process includes securing improved working conditions, job security and contractual parity.

Another goal achieved is ensuring that staff have "no pay dock for action short of strike", and that lecturers and teaching staff will be paid during re-scheduled sessions with students. The loss of pay for staff will be "spread out" to minimise any immediate damage.

In the concluding paragraphs of the statement the team state that "it is our picket lines and our occupations that made have made substantial improvements happen in KCL; people are right to say that democracy and community have never been stronger.

"Thank you to every member of the community who has supported our push for a better University that we, the staff and students, sustain; for the messages of support, the supplies and the solidarity."

Principal Byrne's email listing his pledges to support staff and students after this turbulent time was sent round to all members of King's earlier today.

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