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‘We will continue to ensure maximum disruption’: here’s what the King’s UCU branch are planning for the next strike period

You can stay in Ed Byrne’s office

Today the KCL UCU branch hosted an emergency meeting at LSe to discuss the upcoming actions in the next strike period. As most UCU branches across the country rejected the new proposed changes negotiated on Monday, the upcoming 14 days of additional strike action after Easter Break are imminent.

Members discussed their solidarity with King's students occupying Ed Byrne's office, and a key motion was passed for the protection of the students.

A future goal was also mentioned that involved getting rid of KEATS attendance monitoring. It is a demand related to the previous women's strike this week as a potentially gendered issue.

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The motion protecting students would ensure they would not face victimisation or consequences for the occupation, as a "significant escalation in both the scope and scale of our actions is now necessary.

"We will continue to ensure maximum disruption by withdrawing our labour and picketing.

"We wholeheartedly endorse your stated demands and will seek assurances from senior management that there will be no disciplinary consequences for anyone participating in the occupation, which we believe to be a legitimate expression of protest within a public institution."

As for now, continue studying for finals, but it looks like you can do it in the comfort of Ed Byrne's office hallway.