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Prince Harry was on Strand Campus today and we missed him AGAIN

We need alerts for their visits

Even though most students and staff were on the picket lines, Prince Harry visited KCL's Strand Campus today in the midst of the university's most heated strike week yet.

He attended a Veteran's Mental Health Conference at King's, hosted by the IoPPN (Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience), discussing the unnoticed struggles many military veterans suffer as a result of service.

His sister in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, was also spotted in January visiting a Neuroscience Institute specialising in mental healthcare for new mothers.

These issues discussed today concentrated on the stigma of mental resilience, rehabilitation, public misconceptions of mental health issues and how to properly integrate veterans back into communities after serving.

In a post on Instagram by @lifeatkings, a quote by Prince Harry promised change, greater research and support networks for veterans: "we've made great strides in physical rehabilitation, this is not yet the same for mental health.

"This is why an event like today – and the work you are all doing – is so important."

In another video featured on the official Instagram of mental health charity Heads Together (run by Harry, Will and Kate) he says "I've seen those I have served with suffer, struggling to seek out the help they desperately need.

"We know there are more like them, who continue to suffer in silence.

"We must recognise our veterans for what they are – incredible assets, and not define them by injury or condition."

It looks like the IoPPN and Heads Together will be collaborating in future, meaning there will be plenty more royal sights to see.