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The KCLSU election results have been postponed due to pending disciplinary investigations

Does this prove the whole election campaign has been a shambles?

Thursday night at 8pm was supposed to be the all important election results night for the KCLSU Spring Elections, taking place in the Shed. However, a tweet on the official KCLSU account provided a link to an "important announcement" on their website.

They announced that the election results night was forced to be postponed, explaining that many of the top positions could not currently be declared due to pending disciplinary investigations in six categories.

According to their 'KCLSU Elections and Referenda Disciplinary Procedures' handbook, the grounds to launch an investigation into anti-social and intimidating behaviour, is as follows.

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In a campaign that has been full of allegations of misconduct, either unacceptable levels of promotion on campus, forcing students to vote by actually taking their phones and doing it for them: the result of the disciplinary investigations and the subsequent outcome of the election for these positions will certainly cause an unsettling amount of discontent, both at the elected candidates and the conduct throughout the entire campaign.

It is currently unknown when the results for the following positions will be released: President, Vice President Education (Arts & Sciences), Vice President Education (Health), Vice President Activities & Development, International Students officer and NUS delegates.

However, The Tab is pleased to be able to confirm the results of some of the other positions, that aren't being investigated for any misconduct. Full results so far are given below:

Vice President Postgraduate: Jessica Oshodin

Vice President Welfare & Community: Robert Liow (who was identified as a protestor during Monday's event)

Disabled Students' Officer: Shani Minogue

LGBT+ Officer (open place): Georgie Spearing

LGBT+ Officer (trans place): Laura Tamošiunaite

People of Colour Officer: Usay Singh Sandhu

Student Parents' & Carers' Officer: Shanique Blake

Widening Participation Officer: Rufeida Alhatimy

Women's Officer: Sparsh Sehgal

The Tab King's contacted the KCLSU for a statement about yesterday's postponement of the other results, and they reiterated their comments made last night on their website:

"We are aware that this will cause disappointment to voters and candidates alike and will be holding a question and answers session for candidates at Strand on Monday to answer the questions we can [further information will be available tomorrow]. We will aim to bring you the results as soon as possible."

So, while it's really unknown for the time being what the real outcome will be for some of the delegates in the KCLSU election, we can safely assume there is sure to be some raised eyebrows by King's students alike.