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The Sargon of Akkad has responded to the Antifa protests that took place at King’s this week

‘In the battle for King’s College London, the liberalists won’

In his latest video titled ‘The Battle for King’s College London’, a play on the ‘Battle for Berkeley’ of early 2017, Carl Benjamin addressed his 760k subscribers with his thoughts on the events of Monday night's protest on Strand campus.

Benjamin, better known by his YouTube username Sargon of Akkad, was scheduled to speak in the EJ Safra lecture theatre on Strand campus alongside Yaron Brook, an Israeli entrepreneur and self-described Objectivist.

The debate was first protested by KCL student groups before masked protesters from outside the university who call themselves ‘Antifa’ (a portmanteau of anti-fascist) rushed onto the stage of the lecture theatre interrupting the talk.

Throughout the video Benjamin has a flag taken by a student from one of the protesters bearing the Antifa logo hanging in the background on his wall.

Whilst reacting to the footage captured by students attending the debate he claims, "looking back on the footage it seemed as though they were trying to intimidate me, but they didn’t."

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Benjamin goes on to critique the statement put out by KCL Action Palestine Society who wrote why they were advocating against him, saying that "if they knew anything about what had been going on, I'm in direct opposition to the alt-right, I've been debating against them, I've been harassed by them and they hate me. You are either stupid or liars, pick one."

A tweet sent out by North London Antifa (@NorthLondonAF) referred to Benjamin as an ‘alt-right mouthpiece’ to which Benjamin retorts, "they (the alt-right) stand against everything I stand for".

Despite the debate being closed earlier than expected by the protest, Benjamin states that he still had "a surprisingly fun time at King's College London" as well as claiming that because of the wide coverage his story has been given he has "been invited to other speaking events at other universities."

More responses are being documented by students, staff, and speakers as they come in.