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The King’s School of Dentistry has been ranked second in the world in the 2018 QS rankings

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According to the 2018 QS rankings, The King's School of Dentistry is now ranked second in the world. This means that King's holds the best dentistry programme in the whole of the United Kingdom and Europe.

In addition to the glorious position we now hold in Dentistry, the following subjects have also gained higher positions in the top 20 for Nursing, Medicine, Law and History.

First place was awarded to the University of Hong Kong, followed by King's and the University of Michigan third. The rankings by subject chronologically order the world's top universities across 48 different subjects.

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The criteria used to determine subject rankings are academic reputation, employer reputation, research citations, and impact of publications.

To research anymore rankings by subject, follow the QS rankings website and find out how inferior we are to Guy's Campus.