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Why taking your own cup to Pret makes you literally superior to everybody else

Disposable cups are way too basic for me, sorry

Pret a Manger is pretty much an unavoidable fact of life at King's. If you're not dashing to Strand Pret in between lectures, you're popping into Fleet Street Pret on your way to the library. It's an integral part of your life and you know it.

Obviously, with spending copius amounts of time in Pret comes spending copius amounts of money, so when Pret announced a 50p discount on drinks when you bring a reusable cup, our lives changed drastically for the better.

Here are five reasons why taking your own cup to Pret makes you literally superior to everybody else, and if you aren't doing it already, who the fuck even are you?

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Pretty but not necessary.

You're getting richer by the day

Saving 50p on every coffee you buy mounts up pretty quickly. Let's say you're buying two coffees every weekday, that's £5 a week. £5 that you'll probably squander on some other form of food or drink, but the intention was there, OKAY?

You get to feel smug in front of all the other customers and tbh it's great

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Watch and learn, people.

Walking in with your own coffee cup you feel superior to all the basic disposable-cup-users; you're at home, a seasoned Pret customer. You come here every single day of your life and you know your shit.

When the same barista that serves you every day tells you where to pick up your coffee you are taken aback. You don't need to explain the rules to me, Hun.

You can tell which coffee is yours without listening to your order being called out

With your own special cup, you know which drink is yours straight away. You don't even have to remove your headphones to hear what's being said. You can continue listening to your Britney playlist and identify your coffee – all at the same time. Welcome to the future.

Your coffee stays hotter for longer

Just like the longevity of your trusty new re-usable cup, that coffee you just purchased has a whole new lifespan.

Gone are the days of downing a coffee in five mins before it gets cold. This bad boy will stay warm for a good eight hours of your Maughan sesh. Well, at least it says so on the label.

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5 hours in and the coffee is still hot.

It reduces paper waste, obvs

Reducing your personal contribution to the mass of disposable coffee cups that are used every year (2.5 billion in the UK) means you can sleep easy knowing that you're saving the environment one less cup at a time. Leonardo DiCaprio would be so proud.

Now you're inspired to whip out that dusty re-usable cup you've got lying around, decide where to take it with our handy Tour de Pret, a detailed analysis of every Pret a Manger around Strand Campus.