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All KCL Library fines paid during King’s RAG week are to be donated to charity

We’re actually making a very generous donation

The KCL Library services are collaborating with King's RAG (Raising and Giving Society) to donate all the fines money paid during RAG week to charity.

Any library fines paid between the 5th to the 10th of March will be donated towards RAG’s charities. This year, all donated money goes towards charities Mind, Action against Hunger, and Penguins against Cancer.

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The KCL Library services stated in a press release last week that whilst they 'do a number of things to help [students] avoid a fine', they are pleased to once again be supporting KCL RAG Week through their donation. The Library Services also confirmed that all of the money incurred from library fees is reinvested in the KCL libraries in a number of ways, from refurbishing group study rooms and purchasing self-service laptop units, to replacing books that were never returned.

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Last year, £2419.79 was received from library fines alone and was donated by the Library Services to the Guy's Cancer Centre, Evelina Children's Hospital, Build with Nepal, and the Queen Elizabeth Foundation for Disabled People charities.

To help you get into the giving mood, here's how much King's has raked in through library fines over the last three years.