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King’s scientists claim 90 extra minutes of sleep can make you thinner

Sleeping your problems away finally works!!!

Sleep is precious when you're at uni. Whether you're going out, weighed down with how much reading is required for tomorrow, or simply can't miss those drunk 4am DMCs in the kitchen, we always regret the lack of sleep in the next morning.

King's scientists have run a recent study claiming that people who adjust their lifestyle to incorporate more sleep tend to stray away from the combo of despair: sugar and carbs.

For students who basically run on 6 hours maximum, finding the time to sleep for 90 minutes longer than you usually would apparently means you won't need beer and chips as often. This results in healthier diets but also weight loss – wave bye-bye to fresher's fifteen.

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Sleeping tight with my Rymans notepad

The experiment was carried out onto 21 volunteers who were chronically sleep-deprived: clocking less than the recommended seven hours a day. The study proved that as the controlled group clocked in more hours of sleep, the food diaries the were asked to keep reflected on a smaller intake of those no-no foods the Kardashians keep characterising as the ultimate evil.

So next time you think you need to pull an all nighter to solve your problems of falling behind on your deadlines, remember, sleep is the best way to get your #summergoalz.