What every girl should know whilst they’re being fitted, from an actual bra fitter

If you haven’t spent a fortune on your boobs by now, well done

Love them, hate them. You’ve got them. Yes, we're talking about boobs, and we love to take care of them. Bras are something which are often not spoken about enough however, bras are extremely important and getting the right fit can be crucial to you and your body. An ill-fitted bra can cause a number of different problems such as: back, neck, shoulder pain, soreness, irritation and can even sometimes damage your breast tissue.

Before we get into it, we need to take a moment out to say that breasts come in different shapes and sizes. What works for you may not work for someone else. Furthermore, statistically in a study conducted in the asymmetries “100 women who desired breast augmentation, and of those women, 88 percent had natural asymmetries,” in newbeaty.com. This is a natural factor which will affect your cup size.

The first big tip we can offer: if you're unsure about your size, go and get fitted! It's suggested that girls get fitted every 6 months, but here are some tips for when you treat yo self in 2018, you do it right when it comes to bras.

Double boob, when your breasts begin to spill out the top of your bra and look like you have four rather than two

Now this is something that I feel all you ladies have experienced. I know I certainly have. Double boob, is when your breasts begin to spill out the top of your bra and look like you have four rather than two. If, when you put your bra on in the morning or you notice throughout the day that your bra tends not to hold your whole breast then there’s a chance you may be wearing the wrong size bra.

Most commonly, women will go for bras that have a bigger back size and a smaller cup size. Both need to go hand in hand to find a bra that fits you perfectly. There are a couple of indications which show whether or not you are wearing the right size bra! This includes: your bra should be on the first hook and sit just underneath your shoulder blades in a straight line, the wiring should sit flat against your chest and be positioned in your ribcage – not your breast tissue.

To bra or not to bra?

Wearing a bra can be a uncomfortable task, the wire sticks in, the straps
aren't long enough and depending on what you're wearing, it can really make or break an outfit. Don't be scared to go into a store and try on 10 different bras, finding the right shape and bra for yourself can change how you feel.

Furthermore, depending on your size, don't be afraid to experiment with bralettes and even going braless! – However I do not recommend this if you're someone with a larger cup size and/or frequently get back pain.

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Stripping off and letting some stranger get up close and personal in your lady business is daunting, we know

In younger customers, getting a fitting can be quite a daunting task for them. I know when I went for my first ever fitting I was terrified about taking my top off and nervous about what the women would think of my body. Typical signs that someone is nervous in a fitting is checking if you've shaved your armpits, doing the classic sniff test to make sure they didn't smell of onions, or trying to hold your stomach in so you wouldn't look so fat.

Being on the other side of this dynamic, and we love to be honest with you here – we don't care what you look like underneath. When we step into that fitting room, our main priority is finding you a bra that makes you feel like you are ready for anything. We don't care if you haven't shaved your pits, or you've just come from the gym or you've just given birth, these are all natural things that no one can judge you on!

If, however it is something thats just too much too handle, then there are steps you can take to make sure self feel more comfortable. Let your fitter know that you would prefer to keep your shirt on. If it is your fitter that is making you uncomfortable, thank them for their services and find someone different who makes you feel at ease.

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Take care

All bras must be hand washed! Washing bras in a machine can potentially ruin their lining and decrease the longevity of the bra. Furthermore, it can harm the look and shape of the bra as well as expose the wiring inside it.

We all know how expensive a good bra can be, so take good care of them ladies and they will take care of you. Another thing we often come across (and have been guilty of myself) is holding on to bras for way too long. Each bra has a life span and depending on how many bras reside in your drawer, you should not wear a bra for more than max, one year.

Right bra, right time

As we all know, there are hundreds of bras for hundreds of things. Try not to settle and wear the same bra for everything. For instance, if you're going to the gym, make sure you're wearing a sports bra that supports you in all the right places.

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Don't let bras intimidate you – they're meant to make you feel good, and even better when you take it off at 7pm after class. Take our advice, and go get the bra that will make 2018 your bitch.