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Here are the best pictures that celebrate London and King’s being hella festive

Yeah we all know it’s rarer than you attending a 9am

It all happened on a Sunday in early December. We woke up to what was literally a "Christmas miracle": snow had fallen in Central London. TFL stopped, Londoners went into panic, but Insta enjoyed it. We took to Instagram to find the most beautiful pictures of London and King's in the snow, with a cheeky Somerset House (it is part of our campus) admiration post.

Snow in Central London?!!??!

#london #snow #kcl

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– – ❄❄ Light trails on The Strand ? ❄❄ – –

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@kingsentrepreneurship got caught in the snow outside Bush House ❄️? #bushhouse #londonsnow #kingsbschool #kingscollegelondon

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And as a King's student, there is no greater satisfaction than taking a pic of Someset House in the winter season and pretending this is the building in which we actually attend lectures.

Somerset House pics are obligatory. No joke

Here's another one just for good measure.

#somersethouse #thisislondon

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One more? F*** it, go on then.

And King's is also prepping for the festive season with food…


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And Christmas trees popping up all over campus…

Still not revelling in the Christmas spirit? Go on, have a watch of Elf.