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An ode to Waterfront: The best SU bar in London

We’re not crying, you’re crying

KCLSU are on the move and in the process of transferring all of their facilities to Bush House during 2018. And we're asking, why must you give up this beautiful bar?

The first space to jump across The Strand was The Union Shop, which you probably didn’t notice because no one really cares. However, it’s only a matter of time before our beloved Waterfront Bar & Kitchen will be moved to Bush House under a new name: The Vault. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

The Vault claims to be “just like Waterfront” but we’re pretty sure it won’t be. With potentially one of the best views in London, Waterfront is one of a kind. It’s the bar with which we make all other unis jealous of. But it’s not just the view that makes Waterfront Waterfront, so here’s a list of all the things we’re going to miss…

Hours spent gazing over The Thames

Okay, so we’ll begin with the view. Sitting on one of the comfy window seats, you can enjoy your 2 for £8 cocktail to a backdrop of the Southbank skyline whilst gazing at The Shard where people pay £26. The view is pretty amazing 24/7 but the after-dark hours when the lights twinkle in their reflection on the river is the stuff of dreams.

That’s the great thing about Waterfront – you know what you’re getting. Unsurprisingly, Waterfront is situated, erm, next to the water. The Vault, however, does not conjure up images of breath-taking instagrammable scenery. Unless we’re going to be drinking in Harry Potter’s Gringotts vault, I don’t wanna know.

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Getting more for your money

Everyone LOVES a deal. Deals make the world go round. Why buy one cocktail when you can buy four cocktails that you wouldn’t have otherwise bought? There’s a deal on so you’d be mad not to! Waterfront is the king of deals, so much so that there’s a whole section dedicated to them on the menu.

The £2 coffee and croissant combo gives Pret a run for their money, and we’ve probably consumed more almond croissants than any human should. Waterfront is versatile; drinks, dinner, breakfast, there’s nothing they can’t do.

Other deals to make your bank account smile include £1.50 bottles of Peroni, £2 pints and 2 for £8 cocktails, meaning it is totally possible to try every single one. Sex on the beach? More like Sunset on the Waterfront – we’ll miss you.

Actually nutritious food

The Waterfront menu boasts a pretty extensive selection of mouth-wateringly cheap food. With burgers starting at £4.65 and chilli for just £3.50, who needs Pret? You can get actual hot meals for the price of an avocado and chipotle chickpea wrap, which makes us feel like we’re cheating the system… somehow.

All debates over where to eat can be easily solved by “shall we just go to Waterfront?” What on earth will we do without it?

Waterfront events

Just when we thought Waterfront couldn’t get any more perfect we discovered that they also host events. Really, you could probably spend all of your time there. Pub Quiz on a Thursday, Club Night on a Friday, Cosy Xmas Monday…yes please. Seasonal events are their speciality, with a New Year’s Eve Party and Christmas Gainz (whatever the hell that is supposed to be) coming up. Our personal favourite festive event has to be the Anti-Valentines night, because, after all, Waterfront is our only one true love.

Making friends with literally everyone

Remember Freshers' Week when you ventured out to Waterfront on your first ever night in London, not knowing a single person and just hanging out with random strangers? You might have cheekily recognised a few people from Facebook but were too shy to say. Some of them you will never have clapped eyes on again and some will now be your best friends – all thanks to Waterfront.

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Friends who first meet in Waterfront together stay together.

Brb, we’re just heading to Waterfront to get the cocktails in while we still can. Get down there and enjoy the view guys, because this time next year you’ll be stuck drinking in the basement at Bush House wondering what your life has come to.