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Vote for KCL’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat TWO

Better than any girl you swiped right on today

Let's not lie, we are spoiled for choice at the amount of banging girls there are at King's. So what more could you want from an article on the internet that lists the nominations of the best of the lot? It's time to vote in round two of our bachelorette competitions, and boy, it's getting hot in here.

Hayley Geary

Why should Hayley be the one to win your love? Here's one reason why, she already knows she's the winner. It's part of her American confidence, backed up by her love of fried chicken, waffles and psychology. "I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal. People know me. I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany."

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Lizzie Helen

Last heat there were SO MANY HOCKEY GIRLS, that this heat there shall be one hockey gal to grace them all. Meet Lizzie, she's the captain of the 1st team and wants you to know that. "Playing hockey for over a decade really perfects your stick and ball skills". Need I say more?

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Chloe Sacher

This blonde, tanned beauty is mesmerising in person and in picture. One of the best things about Chloe? Her smile and never ending wit. She's always laughing, loves sushi, but don't think about doing things half-ass with her. She will spot it and make you go full out, because after all, that's what every girl deserves.

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This fire gal has been destined for the BNOC title since birth. Lily has an eye for fashion (all-black, every day) and a questionable sense of humour to match (she runs a meme account). is usually posing for Insta pics round Richmond Park with her dog. This final year Politics student is a real hottie and is looking for “that special someone” who she can cuddle up with (and accessorise her Instagram with) this cold winter. "Prince Harry once said I was cute, I was 7, but still."

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Julia Czub

She’s better known as the Polish Princess and she doesn’t just have the beauty, she has the brains – she’s a third year Politics student. She can most often be found partially dressed in and around Waterloo or Warsaw, or in the library writing her saucy dissertation on sex. Also as a dedicated member of the Polish society, this gal stays true to her roots, looking for her Slavic prince at the regular socials. If you fancy yourself as a slav squatting, vodka loving man, you may just have a chance with Julia. "The Polish community deserves it after the Brexit vote."

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