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A King’s fresher has set up a GoFundMe page to fund her Christmas sesh

She only has £30 left in her bank account

A King's fresher has set up a charity fundraising page to raise money to help her afford the high standard quality of Christmas sesh in London this winter.

Tina Rainey, who studies English with Film, set up the fundraiser yesterday as she is down to £30 for the last two and a half weeks of this semester, and desperate to spread some Christmas cheer through going out before she goes home.

Tina told The Tab King's: "I set up the page because I spent all my money on Christmas presents (and non Christmas seshes) and have roughly £30 to survive the next few weeks of uni, and all the alcohol I need to buy.

"Keep in mind I'm Irish, so I need more to fill me."

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Tina has been living off spaghetti hoops and fish fingers for almost a month, as "luckily I did a big food shop in Asda before I got so poverty stricken, so I've just been living off what I've got."

She has no overdraft, and has had to be resourceful in her limit of seshes per week. This is why she has put £100 as her limit, to be humble but be able to get drunk at the same time.

"Last time I was at Waterfront I had seven double vodkas, and I ended up throwing up on the bus home, but usually I pre-drink on a cheap, cheap bottle of wine and then drink as much as I can on the money I've got", she told us.

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A standard night for Tina would make her Christmas wish come true.

Donate here to help fund the sesh.