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Vote for KCL’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat ONE

Read this to find the next Meghan Markle

Jenny Louise

In case you didn't know already, this gal is President of Hockey at KCL. She's yet to meet a man who can beat her in a pint off and like the rest of her teammates, and she can wield a stick better than you can use yours ? The third year Philosophy and Physics student says “the only stick good enough to have me hooked so far is my hockey one."

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Megan Brown

Second year Geography BSC student Megan Brown lives alone in her Bachelorette pad in the Royal Borough of Chelsea, and she is one of the only Bachelorettes who has been nominated by multiple students. Brown describes herself as being “continuously identified as the most extra person in the lab. Who wears giant hoop earrings and carries a Chanel bag in the lab? Oh yeah me…”

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Emma Jane

To quote her friends on the reason why this lovely lady should win, 'she's just really attractive'. Emma studies European Studies with Spanish (#mami), but when she's not at college, she's a volunteer teacher for migrants and asylum seekers in London. What's the most important thing about winning this award for her? “I want to make my parents proud."

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Lucy Byrne

If you are looking for an outgoing gal who is all about the life of the party Lucy Byrne’s your gal. Lucy is a second year student studying French, but it’s unlike you will find her studying anywhere around King’s. You might ask, where might you find Lucy? This she answers herself: “likely to be found dancing on top of a table in some state of exalted debauchery as she is to be making lasagne in her pyjamas with her dog.” Word of advice: she will “not be found in a library”.

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Nicky Screawn

From multiple nominations within her Liberal Arts degree, Nicky is a certified BNOC™ and did some cracking burlesque moves last week at the Strictly competition. Her nomination is clearly obvious, she's gorgeous! So why does she think she should win biggest bachelorette? “I’m a ninja in the streets AND a ninja in the sheets."

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Christy Ward

Sporty? Smart? Sense of humour? Look no further than Christy Ward. This third year medic decided she would give “no comment” for her nomination – she’s probably busy playing netball or learning how to save lives.

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