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Vote for KCL’s most eligible bachelor: Heat TWO

The first round clearly is not enough for us thirsty hoes

Are you seeking the fittest man candy that King’s has to offer? Are you tired of fuckboys and being messed around and want to find something better than 2am ‘you up?’ texts? You have come to the right place – meet round two of our most eligible bachelors to cure your needs…

Julio Silva

A second year Biomed student with a man bun and regular seshes, he’s a total hottie according to his friends but the biggest teddy bear one can ever meet. With his metrosexual beauty regime, he basically deserves a bronze statue. “My pink v neck comprises two main components: exquisite Australian cotton and boyfriend material.”

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Jordan Lamai

You’ll know his face and biceps from the KCL Regents American Football Team. A popular face on the pitch and in the gym, I mean JUST LOOK AT THOSE BICEPS. In his own words, he thinks he deserves this award because “on the day I was born I heard about this award and that’s why I came to Kings. Winning this will help me achieve my lifetime dream. Who doesn’t love a happy ending?”

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Max Townley

A rower, has a dog and he’s taken part in Henley Royal Regatta (free tix am I right???). He may come across shy when you first meet him, but when you put him on the Thames his shining persona releases. Not your typical lad, but still likes a pint. His dog is the cutest thing and as they say dogs are like their owners, we can only assume the same of him. Did I mention he’s nuts for rowing?

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Alex Woodhouse

He’s 6″6. Do I need to say anything else? He studies International Relations and another rower to add to our list of things ‘to do’.

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