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Vote for KCL’s most eligible bachelor: Heat ONE

Barney Stinson has competition my friends

It's the moment we've all been waiting for. After weeks of nominations and our Facebook crashing with so many messages, we've rounded up the first heat of Bachelor's. Take a look through these glorious men of our student body and take a vote! Your vote will only count if you like our Facebook page.

Eduoard Ellison

Blokes get 30 matches on tinder a day, but this guy goes all out. As a recent import from the cultural hub of Melbourne, Édouard who is doing his MA in Politics and Contemporary History, has one thing to say; “Pleasure is good. Fantasy is truth. Experience Édouard Ellison.”

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Henk Kroon

With a name that sounds fit for “The Emperor's New Groove", his tattoos, piercing and bodies are major turn ons. In his spare time he rows for the University of London, so he has great endurance and stamina. “For a date I love to eat out (if you know what I mean) and long, hard walks on the beach. I’m an outgoing, confident guy, with a big heart and also a big…. dictaphone for recording lectures."

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Ray Lama

This bombshell studies Chemistry with Biomedicine, but not only does he speak five languages, he plays the guitar, piano AND ukelele. He sings like an angel and as an aspiring lawyer, he's gonna be rich. What more could KCL gals want?? “If you seek a deep meaningful love without drama, find yourself Ray Lama."

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Miles Burke

A War Studies and History soon-to-be graduate, this hottie should win because it would finally make it official: he's single-handedly conquered most of the States. His secret fact? He gos to bed wearing black tie every night. “My seduction techniques are about as effective as the KCL safe space marshals."

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Thomas Sun

A second year medic that also isn't in New Hunt House library all the time? Hit the jackpot. He is tall, goes to the gym and plays football. He is waiting the find the right girl and will respect her like the princess she is (even if she's at Strand). He's a secret chef ad regularly makes noodles and dumplings. “The Sun is a star and so am I."

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