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King’s is launching ‘Trans Matters: Guidance for Staff and Students’

Diversity and Inclusion have organised an evening at King’s to provide guidance for trans students

As this week marks Trans Awareness Week, King's is launching Trans Matters: Guidance for Staff and Students "as a practical guide for any individual at King's who wish to take, or have taken, steps to present themselves in a gender different to their gender assigned at birth."

Today at 18:30pm, a panel full of key members of the LGBT+ Staff Network to Jacqui Gavin, the Diversity and Inclusion Lead for the Department for International Trade, will discuss the importance of recognising transgender students and their needs.

As a hugely important topic, KCL feel this can benefit a number of students who may need guidance as they aim to provide a "safe and inclusive environment where everyone is able to achieve their potential."

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The Diversity and Inclusion team at King's are responsible to follow the Equality Action of 2010, but also when approached, are able to obtain appointments through GP referrals for anybody who wishes to seek advice or transitioning treatment.

If you feel this is something for you, head here to register for the event TODAY at Room 2.01/02, Bush House at 18:30pm! As an added bonus, drinks and refreshments will also be provided.