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There’s a Cinema Club at Guy’s and entry is only TWO pounds

Forget Vue and Odeon – The Shed is where it’s at

Student life has seen us give up so much: expensive alcohol, nice food, trendy clothes, our dignities and even weekend trips to the cinema with our mates.

With London cinema tickets being around 26% more expensive than tickets in any other city in the UK, a student ticket to see a film at any Odeon cinema will set you back £11.75 – not to mention all the popcorn and snacks you inevitably treat yourself to.

During dark times such as these, a little reminder of The Shed’s £2 Cinema Club seems enormously welcome.

These £2 movie nights, which are on every other Tuesday, not only give us a chance to sit back and unwind after our lectures but, with a £3.49 meal deal, they give us a chance to experience cinema without spiralling into our overdrafts.