A department at King’s is investigating ‘harassment’ and ‘disruptive behaviour’ in Bush House

‘Certain individuals in the group have been heard to make racist and homophobic comments’

An email recently reached The Tab King's detailing "unacceptable behaviour" in the South Wing of Bush House campus.

A number of students have been causing repeated disruption in the study room by "shouting, putting their feet on the tables, playing loud music, making a mess, being rude to others, eating in labs and damaging equipment".

When called out for their behaviour by a staff member, it took a turn for the worse – they reportedly began a "campaign of harassment and bullying" targeting the staff member in question.

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When asked for further details or comments, the emailer responded that an investigation into the specifics of these events has been launched.

"The email was to reassure everyone in our department that we take disruptive behaviour, bullying and harassment seriously, and that the reports we received are being acted upon."

If you have experienced or witnessed any form of bullying and/or harassment on campus, you can fill out a concern form here.

If you are aware of any information to do with this incident please message The Tab King's.