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King’s alumni have created an ‘Instagram tour’ inspired by the best parts of the different King’s campuses

Let’s be honest, likes are worth the effort

The King’s Alumni Community have started an Instagram tour of King's that showcases all the best spots to take photos and showcase the best ones of various KCL locations.

It's part of their creation of a 'virtual tour' of how the university has changed and acquired new buildings as part of the campus, giving alumni the chance to look back, but giving current students the ideal spots to take that glorious gram.

Starting with the new addition to campus, Bush House, the tour takes us across the bridge to Waterloo before leading over to the greenery of Guys and Denmark Hill. And yes, for you freshers, second and probably third years who have forgotten that Denmark Hill is a part of King’s, this tour has remembered to include this very important aspect of King’s life and research within their collection of hidden gems.

To quote Henry: definitely London’s most impressive bush

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The tour then returns to Waterloo before presenting us with a stunning view of the Maughan at night. For those of you who have spent one too many nights burning up the midnight oil in this beautiful maze we call a library, you will probably be able to appreciate the beauty shown in this aspect of the Maughan. If you have only seen the Maughan during the day or perhaps never at all, then this picture will surely encourage you to go on a little night excursion.

Moving on to Somerset House, the tour reminds us of how as King’s students, we tend to convince ourselves that Somerset House is a part of our university campus.Nonetheless, the Strand Campus which houses the well-loved Waterfront does not disappoint and it is here that this King’s based virtual tour of London concludes.

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Given how much every student is proud of how 'beautiful' (excluding Strand campus duh) uni, it's no surprise KCL has been grammed way too much. Are we going to ever get over the Waterloo Bridge view? Probably not.