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KCL Strictly Come Dance Soc returns for another competition this year to donate to RAG supported charities

Dancing their way into raising money for cha-cha-charities

Let’s get straight to the pointe – KCL’s Strictly Come Dance is coming back for the second year in a row this Friday night.

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After the immense success of last year's event, KCL’s Dance Soc and KCL RAG are once again teaming up to give you another night of glitz, glamour, tiny sparkly costumes, and dance. Your favourite students, members of GKT Sports teams and societies have been paired up with a professional partner from Dance Soc in a bid to become KCL’s Strictly Champions and raise money for KCL RAG’s charities in the process.

This year, 14 couples will be looking to vogue their way to victory. Each couple will dance in a different style, from burlesque to ballet, with members of GKT and KCL Rugby, Netball, Hockey, and Lacrosse, and KCL’s RapSoc and LGBT+ Soc being whipped into dancing shape over the last four weeks.

With the event last year raising over £2,000, tickets for the main show cost £7, and the after party at Guy's Bar costing an extra £2, if you're looking to throw some shapes of your own.

Doors open at 6:30pm on the 17th of November at the Greenwood Theatre. All proceeds go to RAG charities.