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Are you KCL’s biggest bachelor or bachelorette? It’s time to nominate the most eligible hotties at King’s

The battle of the sexies begins now

It's that time of the year again where we are looking for the hottest students at KCL and, as King's was recently voted as the "second most attractive uni in the UK", it's go big or go home.

In previous years we have had football players, ex-Army officers, athletes and even Bollywood stars in our sexy catalogue, but we want more – and this time with a brand new bachelorette team, to show King's is home to some pretty fire girls too.

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Here's how you can help: Do you have a fit flatmate? A buff gym buddy? A secret Instagram model in your course? Or are you just a fine piece of ass that should be given the title of this year's hottest King's student?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then hit us up on our Facebook page.

We want to know who you are, what you study, why you feel you should win, and a secret about yourself that would make everyone swoon over you!

Don't worry if you're nominating yourself or your secret crush: we won't tell anyone it was you.

This competition is now closed. To see the winners, please click here. Thanks for voting!