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We asked KCL students whether they agree or disagree with KCLSU’s Safe Space Marshals and why

And now we have even MORE questions to ask

The recent press regarding the KCLSU Safe Space Marshals has taken off in the past couple of weeks regarding their employment, where they've been seen, but most of all why they are present.

From what we know, the Safe Space Marshals are protecting students at external events held at King's, but there are so many questions still unanswered. For example, how can we categorise events that require safe space marshals? What sort of situations could be foreseen that aren't covered in a risk assessment, that would require their presence? How do we separate a difference of opinion from active abuse?

We took this controversy and posed it to various members of the KCL student body to find out exactly what they think. Here are some of the opinions we found on campus that deserve to be heard.

Adam Beswick, International Relations – 1st year

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"Noble but illogical"

Maria and Grace, English – 1st year

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"A good idea in theory, but might be dangerous if not followed through properly"

Owen Smith, English – 1st year

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"Being provoked and stimulated is a part of the experience – it sparks for all"

Ainhoa, English Lit – 1st year

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"I'm generally in favour of safe spaces as long as safe space places are implemented well and respectfully. Everyone deserves to feel safe somewhere but this shouldn't be an excuse to stop debate."

Billie Yankulova and Jason Lee, Film Studies – 2nd year

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"It is a bit limiting, I don't want to limit my discourse!"

Miriama, English Lit – Exchange from Auckland, New Zealand

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"All public spaces are inherently violent, and universities are no exception. Any step to dismantle or challenge that violence can positive, provided the people implementing those changes come from a place of personal experience."

Isabella Sandak-Lewin, Biomedical Engineering – 1st year

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"I feel that it will make people more PC and they will be more afraid to speak up and discuss how they really feel"

Hanna Thomas, Biomedical Engineering – 1st year

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"I understand the initiative but someone somewhere's always offended. Where's the line?"

Zachariah, Music – 2nd year

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"Safe Space Policy is uncomfortable."

Marie Cassis, Music – 2nd year

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"Safe Space is an attack to freedom of speech."

Alexander, Philosophy – 3rd year

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"If there are no other options to protect against harassment, than the safe-space policy is a viable option for students."

Caolain Cleary, Classics – 1st year

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"People's rights and opinions should not be disrespected, but where is the line? Is there a universal code of conduct?"

After going round and interviewing dozens of students, the general consensus is: we need more information. There is a sense of "I don't know enough" going around campus and the KCLSU are not doing enough to rid of any falsehood, ambivalence or confusion that students may have about this very relevant issue. We have the right to know how we are being taken care of as a community.

Stay tuned for more interviews, voxpops and investigative journalism with The Tab King's.