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King’s students are campaigning for free education on campus

Ever dreamt of not having to pay £27k for your degree?

Every uni student in the UK feels the pain of having to fork out at least £9k a year for a degree, whether you pay your tuition fees through a loan or are a self-funded student. We're all used to dreaming of a world where education would be free and we would not enter adulthood with thousands of pounds in debt.

While for some of us free education is just a distant dream, these students are campaigning to make this dream a reality. The demo, happening on the 15th of November, is run by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, an organisation made up of "a coalition of students and workers dedicated to fighting fees, cuts and privatisation in education."

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Speaking exclusively to The Tab, 2nd year King's student Ruby Dark said:

"We’re marching for free, fully accessible education democratically run in the interests of students and university staff. There is enormous financial inequality in the UK, as the richest 10% of households hold 45% of all wealth. By taxing the rich we can reverse campus cuts and scrap all tuition fees.

University is becoming inaccessible and elitist as the poorest students are kept out. Education is a public good and must serve people not profit. A fully liberated, free education is within our grasp, but we need to organise and push to make it a reality."

On the 15th, students from over 50 universities are assembling at 1pm in Malet Street and marching to Parliament Square, with over a thousand people showing interest in the demo on their National demo Facebook page.

More details specific to King's students can be found here.