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My boyfriend did my makeup for a night out and it was worth the regret

If your boyfriend doesn’t attempt to do your make up, is he really your boyfriend?

Make up to boys is like broccoli to a carnivore, the two don't really go together. For those of us who bring makeup anywhere near a boy, you can't help but laugh when they ask why we want to make our eyelashes look better, or better still, when boys think that we are born with purple lipstick and get annoyed when we take it off. It's a cycle of never-ending laughter.

But as someone who lives and breathes make up, I decided it would be a pretty good experiment to test out my boyfriend's artistic skills as I got ready for a night out.

Firstly, I was disappointed to find out he had no idea what anything actually was. You'd thinking watching me do my own make up day in, day out would give him a bit of clue, but alas, he was clueless. So I will be honest, I gave a little hint about what goes where… not that it helped.

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A look of fear

The face

First was the face. I can't say I was surprised to feel the foundation stop at my chin, as I sported a very impressive orange line. But what came next had me stumped. His contouring skills were breathtaking. With a perfect mix of bronzer and blush, and highlighting skills to die for, I finally understood why we were together. Think it’s safe to say he can officially put ‘MUA’ on his social media bios.

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Next the eyes, with a gentle stroke of the brush and a hint of glitter. I was feeling optimistic. Fast forward 30 seconds later and my beloved 'Kyshadow' pallet was sprinkled all over the table and my face. In this moment, I finally understood what Kylie meant about 'realising' stuff, as I soon realised this was going to be a HUGE mistake.

However, I was impressed to find he was attempting the stress of all stresses: winged eyeliner. A struggle we all go through, I was shook to see him reach for that liquid liner. I have to admit, the actual wing was pretty decent. Maybe when I'm scrubbing at my eyes in the future trying to get it right, I'll just go to him.

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Finishing the look with a red lipstick disaster, it was complete. Forget lining, and forget finishing the inside lips, it was just a red splodge on my face. The temptation to scream was just… wow. He still managed to do a whole face of makeup, and made me proud.

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The classic bathroom mirror selfie with my new look

I have to admit it’s not nearly as bad as I was expecting, but it was still utter shite. On the bright side, I learnt a truly important life lesson: Don’t make effort on a Halloween costume in the future, girls, just get your boyfriend to do your make up. You’ll look twice as scary… trust me!