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All the things we miss about the North that we desperately need in the South of England

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The debate over the North and South of England has been going on ever since the dawn of time. Though London could be central hub of England, the North combines both city living and beauty of the British countryside, all quintessential British values.

We have hills, fresh air, everything is cheaper and we have the best football clubs . Where else can you find a wonderful mixture of all these things? Don't get me wrong I'm a lover of London. But there are a few things that the north just does better – things that we think London desperately need.

Afflecks Palace

Ah, takes me back to my emo days, the sweeping fringe, skin tight jeans and weekends spent wandering Affleck’s Palace. An Ideal hotspot for anyone who may be slightly alternative. It may constantly have an interesting smell looming around the place, but if anything, it adds character to the place. You can find absolutely anything and everything there. Want a tattoo or a piercing? Go to Affleck’s. Want to buy some wavy vintage garms? Go to Affleck’s. Want a neon green and black studded belt that hangs waay too low around your butt? Go to Affleck’s. I think you get the idea. Nowhere in London compares to the magic of Affleck’s palace, filled with independent business that form the friendliest of communities.

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Northern Quarter

Are you a cool and edgy person? If so then the northern quarter is the place for you. Many an opportunity to gram the perfect avo toast (with or without the poached eggs) and lots of cool cafes to look out of the window longingly. But on a serious note, it’s a pretty cool place and there’s an abundance of places to get a big fat scran. Though London and the south do generally have good restaurants and areas such as Soho, nothing quite compares to the Northern Quarter.

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Example of fat scran from Federal Cafe

The people are so much friendlier

If there’s one thing I really miss about the north is the people. They are the friendliest people in the country, and London of all places needs some of that. I can definitely say that London has taken a toll on me and I have been transformed into someone who hates cyclists and gets very unreasonably angry when someone is standing on the left-hand side of the escalators. I mean seriously, there’s signs. Everywhere.

Hear me out, we all miss proper fish and chips

It is hard to describe, the pain I feel, the longing for a beautifully crisp, perfectly battered fish with scraps and deep-fried chips covered in lashings of curry (or gravy) sauce. Yes, I am talking about the one and only Chippy Tea. A good fish and chips is near enough impossible to find anywhere south of England (yes even Brighton). No attempt will match that of the holy Armstrong’s fish and chips. A pilgrimage that needs to be taken for ultimate taste bud goodness. Or they could just open a branch down in Oxford street maybe? Please?


Technically, all the tap water in England is safe to drink, but there’s just something about the water in up North. It’s fresher, colder and quite frankly just nicer. It’s not as hard and you don’t have to spend a fortune on Evian (live young) in order to save yourself.

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