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KCLSU introduces ‘Safe Space Marshals’ in Strand campus for events that could violate Safe Space policy

Marshals will be monitoring events which have been ‘risk assessed’ for offending students

The new job position of 'Safe Space Marshals' was yesterday picked up by major media sources, for reporting that marshals are paid £12 an hour to monitor events that could breach any conduct within the KCLSU Safe Space Policy.

The Tab King's is now running an investigation into these new job positions that could potentially change our university atmosphere. For starters, the job pack recently posted on the KCLSU webpage details the duties of a "Safe Space Marshal", sparking controversy both within and beyond King's College London.

The job entails the Marshals' attendance of events at King's which have been "risk assessed as having potential for a Safe Space breech [sic]". It focuses around ensuring that the KCLSU's Safe Space Policy is upheld, to "implement safeguarding and handle any breaches or complaints".

Their specified tasks include the following:

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The Safe Space Marshals were initially noticed at a talk given on campus by Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg last week and were subsequently mocked by attendees.

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The Tab King's has contacted the KCLSU for a statement on the matter and response to its critique. Updates will be available shortly.

Update Mon 30th 17:30

KCLSU has since released a statement to The Tab King's regarding their Safe Space Marshals.

President of King’s College London Students’ Union, Momin Saqib said, "Universities create environments in which debate from all sides on issues of political, scientific, moral, ethical and religious significance is possible, and King’s is no exception. By having exposure to different and diverse viewpoints students have a more enriching experience. Our Safe Space Policy was agreed by students in 2013 and again in 2015. It is essentially an anti-harassment policy protecting both our students and the speakers they invite. KCLSU has never banned a speaker from speaking because of our safe space policy. Moreover, we strongly support free speech- and KCLSU student groups are able to host over a thousand external speakers across our 330 Clubs and Activity groups every year.”

A spokesperson for KCLSU also elaborated on their policy with the following information:

– "Not all events have marshals."

– "The criteria [for assessing which events would require Marshals to attend] is set out in the [Safe Space and External Speaker] policies."

– "Only 12 (Approx 1%) of our 1000+ events required marshals last year. "

– "The KCLSU Safe Space Policy was first agreed by students in 2013 and again in 2015."

– "KCLSU safe space marshals job advert specified the London Living Wage."

– "There were only 3 safe space marshals at the Jacob Rees Mogg event not 5 as was reported in some outlets."

More information coming soon.