Everything we did to get as many as points as possible on King’s Move in a week

Just a hoe for that free coffee and clothing ya’ll

If you don't know what King's Move is by now, you're not doing this university the right way. Let us learn you something v v important.

You can get free food and free King's merch when you use King's Move, the app that originally started as a way to get students fitter, but now is just a huge free for all.

It counts your steps according to an app on your phone or your fit bit, and generates points which can then be used as rewards to get regular drinks from King's Food (400 points) or sweaters and t-shirts from King's Merch (4000 points).



We took it upon ourselves for a week to see what the biggest thing we could do, to generate as many points as possible. Take a look at our week and see if you could beat us. Bet ya can't.

Monday – Sarah

I low-key joined the gym in first year to earn enough points on Kings Move for free coffees and a King’s hoodie. Now I’m three years and 2471 squats in and I’ve discovered that each gym session only earns you a measly five points. What was the point of exerting all that energy if I can’t reward myself with caffeine afterwards? The gains weren’t worth it.


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Tuesday – Zoe

In a bid to earn enough points to hopefully get myself a free sweatshirt, I decided to spend 15 pounds to go to a spinning class – because that obviously seems like a fair trade off. Some people might say that 45 minutes of listening to Kanye West and having a very aggressive man named Felix yell at you whilst you sweat out your will to live over a bicycle does not make 15 pounds and a potential free jumper look worth it. Want to know what makes it even less worth it? When your KingsMove app doesn't log half of your workout, and you look at your phone in disbelief and definitely want to cry. So physically, given that my KingsMove app broke down half way through, I only earned 10 points. Mentally, I lost all my sanity to Felix.

Wednesday – Gusta

I've recently downloaded King's move and have been attempting to rack up points as quickly as possible. On discovering that I'd only gained 20 points the other day, despite having done the 30 minute walk to and from Strand, I decided to go for an angry 2am stomp along the Thames to try and get some more. 3 miles, 30 points later, I'm still 3000 points away from a King's sweatshirt.

Thursday – Sunnii

It's England vs Slovenia and I'm on a ten hour shift at Wembley, in one of the most high-paced and stressful restaurants ever to exist. I'm keeping my phone in my pocket for maximum step counts, even to the loo. I've got four tables of four to look after, and everyone wants cocktails/champagne/food… the whole works. I probably go to the kitchen ten times in 15 minutes for literally every fart, and it is non stop from 1:45pm till midnight. Grind from Monday to Friday, work from Friday to Sunday for that sweatshirt.

Wavy garms tho

Wavy garms tho

Friday – Sylvie & Lizzy

Sylvie: I’ve only had King’s Move for three days and I wanted to kick it off with something big. I really needed a free coffee so I climbed the stairs to the top of Bush House. The roof is 8 floors up, so this is about 16 flights of stairs. I barely made it to the terrace alive but it got me some great points.

Lizzy: The picturesque walk from the lofty heights of Elephant and Castle to the Pret infused Strand Campus takes around 45 minutes and yes, this may not sound like the most strenuous of physical activity to you but lemme tell you, it takes more mental and physical capabilities than the majority of Olympic sports. Try seeing approximately fifty busses- shining glimmering red cages of bacteria infused hope – pass by full to the brim with students who were all able to have ten more minutes in bed than you- torture. Usain Bolt has a hard time in races does he? He should try the panicked sprint across a road when Terry the Taxi driver is hurtling towards you at the speed of light.

If you can beat us at our extremities then feel free, we want to know how far any student exerts themselves for the sake of a fucking sweatshirt. Let's all get fit fam.