The KCL Fashion Society are looking for models and designers to take part in a fashion show with five other London universities

It’s the first ‘London University Modest Fashion Show’ this December

We all know what fashion shows can be like: glitz, glamour and drama. The best thing about it is the hype and the backstage gossip, and the KCL Fashion Society are giving any models and underground designers the chance to be part of their first exposé with five other London universities.

The event is focused on the term, 'modest fashion', which according to the organisers of the event, "is known for its roots in a diverse range of cultures often underrepresented in the fashion industry".

KCL Fashion Soc president Emma Bizette spoke to The Tab to say “The show is a way for us to be more in tune with the world of today. To recognise that everybody has its place within the fashion industry.

“The idea of an inclusive show, a modest show, is therefore to destigmatise the fashion industry , and to say that no matter your background, ethnicity or religion, there is a place for you in the Fashion Sector.”

The other universities taking part are LSE, Imperial, QMUL, UCL and SOAS. Each are putting forward a variety of models (male and female) and designers who will then go through a selection process to choose the finalists.

To apply, models have to come to a casting on November 18th & 19th (venue tbc) and select 'going' to their event on Facebook. But for designers however, at least three pieces are required as part of a portfolio, of modest apparel and can include a display of a specific item (jacket, headscarf) or a whole outfit.

Bizette commented further to say “for designers, we just gave the guidelines you already have, no matter the student's department (I mean it can be philosophy, geography, law or whatever) but if he/she follows the few guidelines we gave and that he/she has some bases in design it works for us!” but for models, they’re seeming something more noticeable in castings.

“For the models or anyone who is interested in this show, they have to be confident while walking but there isn't any specified restriction!”

Prices for tickets are to be confirmed, but all the proceeds from ticket sales will go towards a charity of choice.

Please contact the Fashion society through their Facebook or email [email protected] for more enquiries.