King’s student launches app to combat student loneliness

Because if food isn’t the foundation for all your friendships you’re doing it wrong.

Loneliness is a serious problem for students nowadays and is sadly the reality for many. As an international student Nicolas Sleiman was all too familiar with this feeling and the difficulties of living in a foreign city, which is why the second year Computer Sciences student was keen to tackle the problem, co-founding an app called Tabled.

The app aims to connect students to each other by ensuring they can always share a local meal together around campus. The dinners run every night, meaning that no student ever has to eat alone. Nicolas told us "they're great fun, the perfect antidote to a day in the library, and a lot better than having to cook!"

He added "London can be an amazing city, but also quite a lonely. For many students who are new to the city, in particular international students and postgraduates, there can be quite a culture shock and that is why an app like Tabled is so important. No student should ever be forced to eat alone and it is sad that so many students have to eat alone in their rooms. That is why we have created Tabled – to ensure that all students have a fun, relaxed group dinner near campus every night, and ensure that they love their time in London".

Meeting new people in an overwhelmingly large city like London can be difficult and extremely daunting at times, but it doesn't have to be. What better way to create lasting friendships than over good food?

Tabled is a free app and can be downloaded here.