The best (and worst) mistakes we all committed as freshers

Is it right to sleep with your flatmate? Asking for a friend

Other than heading to university to begin with, you’re bound to make a few fuck-ups as a Fresher. Living on your own for the first time in any place (especially London) is confusing enough as it is, and now you’ve actually got to commit to learning things again? Unacceptable.

People make mistakes, and none more so than Freshers (don't you even deny it). Rest assured, you are not alone – except for that one Fresher last year who burnt down his uni room. You are definitely alone.

Getting totally and utterly lost
The room numbering system at Kings eventually ends up making sense to you, but that doesn’t mean your first few weeks don’t feel like you’re entering a maze similar to The Goblet of Fire. One minute you’re in the Great Hall, the next thing you know, you’re on the -2 floor of Chesham Building in the Mexican Studies Department for your English seminar. Where there is no service. Or Wi-Fi.

where am I

where am I

Trying to fit in The archetypal Kings student has a stereotype for a reason. We all bought a maxi coat. Some of us bought Stan Smiths. A select few started smoking roll-ups, and you probably joined in a protest within the first two weeks, whether you meant to or you just got swept up along Kingsway.
Cut to a month later when you haven’t eaten in a few days because of the coat-sized hole in your bank account, and the realisation that maybe you should have just stuck to being you in the first place sets in pretty quickly.

Going into the Reading Room at Maughan ‘Yah, it’s the room that’s Dumbledore’s office in Harry Pottaaaaah’, you drawl to your mates. The first time you felt motivated to study at uni, it’s where you thought you'd end up studying.

Nothing – I repeat, nothing – prepares you for how intense the atmosphere in this room is, and you realise very quickly that you definitely don’t need to be there.

Sleeping with someone you weren’t supposed to ‘I was really drunk, it was a mistake, I promise it was just that one time!’

Sleeping with your flatmate See above, plus avoidance, awkwardness, embarrassment, anger when they bring home someone else they pulled, and finally, acceptance – a.k.a not living with them next year.

Starting important work the day before it's due
When you received your first 2:2 after submitting a piece of coursework 30 minutes before the deadline, you might have cried a little, called your parents and told them you were headed for failing the year.
Then, you hit the pub with your mates and probably did it all again – and added ‘works well under pressure’ to your CV.

picture above applies for literally all these situations if I'm honest

picture above applies for literally all these situations if I'm honest

Blowing your student loan on drinks/clothes/takeout/literally anything in excess You like to think you’re pretty frugal. You take care of your money, you don’t overspend. Until you arrived in London, city of literally everything you could possibly want, and decided it was a good idea to buy three jägerbombs for each of your 12 new Fresher friends, or that you needed an entirely new wardrobe.



Being deep into your overdraft is a dangerous place to be, and so is promising yourself every week that you’ll get a job soon.

Once you go through this my friends, you get to the other side. This is the journey of self-discovery, understanding how much you need money, and when not to spend £25 entry in a club. Good luck chums!