The best quotes overheard during KCL’s Fresher’s Week 2017

“Wait, where’s the shower?”

Let's be honest: it's impossible to ignore what others are talking about while strolling through campus, especially during Fresher's. Here are the most outrageous quotes overheard at King's, by students:

"I just took one look at the shower at Stamford Street and decided no – this life is not for me. What's an extra £100 a week anyways?"

"I just can't help thinking, that riding the bus to the Strand every day, with all those commuters, all those germs, is like taking a trip in a bottled sneeze."

"Has anyone else got an infestation of silver fish in their room?"

"You did a gap yah too? OMG sisters!"

"Dude is that chorizo I can smell?" "Nah, it's Coq au Vinh bruh"

"Nah c'mon the Pope's a good guy"

"What is that stench? Is it the other flatmate we never see?"

"Ugh, London tap water is sooooo awful. I miss my San Pellegrino"

"I love the sesh!"

"Didn't you know breathing in London air is like smoking 20 cigs a day?"

"So I finally had a snakebite last night man. It's like fucking Marmite. I hate that shit."

"Oh no, I'm not a big skier. We just try to go to Daddy's ski chalet a few times a year."

"What's even the point of joining a sport team if sports night isn't at Walkies?”

"I guess nothing is going to taste the same now that it's not from Waitrose. This student life is really bringing down my spirits."