From the hospital corridors to the runway, who knew 2018 would be the year Crocs come back into fashion?

What the fresh croc is going on?!

This week, the Parisian fashion house Balenciaga launched a new design of Crocs on the runway. Models were seen walking around in a plastic platform Croc that takes the well known shoe from all of our childhoods and makes it 100000 times more extra.

The well known French fashion house has apparently become the official re-stocker of the Croc, and in response to what Dazed and Confused have called "the shoe equivalent of Marmite", there is a very confused audience waiting to see where and how this shoe will be distributed.

Crocs are one-piece foam moulds which come in various colours and if you wear them on a date, you might very well find that your date has made a rather lengthy trip to the bathroom (and not for the same reason as the poor infamous girl from that well known tinder date had). So what is Balenciaga doing?!

Emma Schilders, a comp-lit student has stated she is "assuming it's a joke", it would seem that the fashion house is trying to make the notoriously uncool shoe simply that, cool. By adding a 10cm platform and mini hole-fillers such as an avocado (at least they understand the common appreciation of avocado), Balenciaga appears to be trying to reinvent these typically despised shoes.

omg bae where'd you get those

omg bae where'd you get those

Yet in a hospital ward, Crocs are some of the most reliable shoe wear that exists. For long hours and endurability to stay on your feet, the croc has become a long term friend of all nurses. Blood stained trainers are just as cool as these 10cm platform; it just seems Balenciaga is taking the mick.

Second year King’s medical student Kayden Chahal told the Tab that "In terms of medicine: Croc’s are straight fire on the wards, I’m looking forward to the day I get to wear mine. In terms of normal: I wouldn’t be caught dead in them."

Another nurse, Lucy Tyrrell, spoke to the Tab to say "the [Balenciaga shoes] are utterly horrendous. Extremely impractical and look very uncomfortable in practice whilst also unprofessional. They certainly wouldn't get past the uniform police!"

At the end of the day, fashion is all about experimentation and expression, and whilst they are certainly a different and cooler take on the traditional shoe, it’s hard to move away from the fact that at the end of the day, it's a bloody Croc.