Someone ranked King’s campuses according to Celebrations and I want to give them a medal

But I would have swapped Bounty and Mars around

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In the summer of 2017, King's student Lola* (who prefers to remain anonymous to save face on her new degree at the university) graduated with a 1st in Geography.

Recently, a Snapchat picture that was taken by her a few months prior, in which she had carefully ordered Celebrations chocolates, resurfaced online.

She ranked the chocolates from best to 'rank', annotating her list with the names of King's campuses. It's important to note that at this point she had been studying at Strand for nearly three years.

The image was reposted by a friend after Lola announced that she had secured a place to study Medicine at King's – which is ironically taught at Guy's, the Mars bar/worst campus, according to her analysis.

Speaking to The Tab, she said:

"Strand is the lit-est campus, whenever you open a box of Celebrations you're always looking for the Teaser because that's the best. Strand is so rare but when you find one it's amazing.

Waterloo is Twix because it's safe. When there's nothing else in the box, Twix is the safe option.

Guys is Mars, it's just too much."

When questioned about the controversial ordering of Bounty and Mars, Lola replied that Bounty is the best and it should actually be higher in the Celebrations ranking.