BREAKING: There has been some ‘extremely serious theft’ of physical disks at Strand

Wiki pages won’t be working

This evening, Computer Science students received an email informing them that there had been an "extremely serious theft from our server hosting facility located in the Strand building."

Tim Roca, Head of Departmental Operations, outlined a list of services that will not function as a result of the incident, including wiki pages, ticketing systems and student and staff workstations operated by Windows/CentOS.

Eduroam and access to King's email have not been affected.

The email states that the theft is 'likely to disrupt teaching significantly.' We do not yet know whether this will affect only Computer Science students or the entire campus.

King's have been contacted for a statement

Update 10:51am:

A follow up email was sent this morning stating that backup recovery was initiated last night, management are hopeful that they will be able to recover most data.

Reference to teaching disruption was repeated.

Third year Computer Science student Aidan Griffin told us that some of his lab sessions were cancelled today and an online quiz deadline was extended.

Speaking to The Tab, he said:

“They said that just the physical disks, the hard drives were stolen from the Server room in Strand”

The email confirmed that the theft had stolen the 'physical disks' from the server room at Strand.

Rock warned the person/people responsible will have access to data from home directories and passwords stored in unencrypted folders.

Update 15:14pm:

Management have been informed that works to resolve the issue may go on until the weekend, and yet more lab sessions were cancelled.

Update 17:21pm:

Services are expected to be restored by the end of the weekend, including faculty pages.