Here’s why Kingsman’s Eggsy could easily be a King’s student

Just marry me Taron

On a gloomy, soggy, somber, evening engulfing myself in some serious September Blues, I decided to go watch Kingsman- and it was the best decision I ever made.

As I sat there watching what I seriously think, is a hilariously, amazingly-crafted film, gorging as many popcorns as humanely possible without choking, I had an epiphany… a Proustian epiphany perhaps. I came to the realisation that KCL is repleted with mini Eggsy’s ready for action. And here’s the rundown of why:

He’s a Kingsman

He’s a Kingsman, we are King’s [wo]men, I think that is indication enough for us to get married. Of course there’s also the obvious fact that he roams the streets of London in a black cab, something we’ll all be doing (as well as crying over our overdrafts) as soon as Uber gets banned (thanks TFL xoxo).

He’s got class, he’s got sass, AND he’s well dressed

There’s no hiding it, KCL students are crazy trendy. And so is Eggsy. Who doesn’t like the old-fashioned tailor suits and the dressed down Adidas streetwear. He has manners (ish), and is not afraid to seduce or charm with his luxurious lifestyle of stealth. This is the type of standard you don't see at LSE and UCL.

He wants to save the world

Our version of a hero

Our version of a hero

Like the KCL student he so proudly embodies, Eggsy wants to fight for anything, whether it’s saving the world from their own cellphones, or stopping the biggest drug cartel in the world.We’d probably see him outside the Strand with coloured smoke grenades, spraying Sappho with phallic graffiti. He’ll be walking hand in hand with Roger fighting against fossil fuels, and whatever else he doesn’t agree with.

He likes dogs and so does KCL

I know what you’re thinking… “who doesn’t like dogs”, well… KCL has doggy destress days, and I’m pretty sure he’d be the first in line to caress a corgi and recharge from a busy schedule of saving Elton John.

Go watch Kingsman: The Golden Circle in cinemas now!